October 22, 2009
Projects are due tomorrow. I do not need a hard copy of the project, it just needs to be on the wiki sometime tomorrow.

During today’s class I want you to:

1) Join the wiki if you have not already done so or recover your password if you forgot. If you forgot your password click on Join in the upper right hand corner of the wikispaces page. There is a reminder link on the page that opens.
2) Post your project on the wiki if it is completed.
3) Post your name and the title of your project even if you will be posting the project later today or tomorrow.
4) Post at least 3 comments on the wiki. These could be related to projects or to the wiki in general.

I will be logged in to the wiki the entire class period so I will be able to accept your request to join the wiki or help you in other ways. You can e-mail or text me at lori.nelson@wsr.k12.ia.us or you can add a comment to the discussion page for Quarter 1 Projects.

SO by the end of class today you should have accomplished at least three things.
1) Become a member of the wiki
2) Posted your name and the title of your project EVEN IF IT IS NOT DONE YET!
3) Post at least 3 comments on the wiki

Questions? Ask!!! You must advocate for yourself. If you are confused then ask for help. DO NOT just respond by doing nothing and hoping to slide by. That is not a useful life skill….

This is the W-SR High School Orchestra wiki.
This page contains student-created projects related to our October 8,2009 concert.
We performed Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens, arranged by McLeod, The Legend of Duffy's Cut by Bob Phillips, and Themes from the Moldau by Smetana, arranged by Frost.

andie, andrew, sam, nik, laurel, and mikaela.
powerpoint about duffy's cut.

Sam Nichols: Danse Macabre Poem

Sade and Mariah - The Potato Famine

Dylan's Duffy's Cut Project

Addison's Project

Matthew and Derek's Project

Tyler Hughes and Andrew Ogden Project

Blake and Bryce Wilson
We're having some difficulty getting the recorded sound to an appropriate level. We're going to try with Windows, but it might take a while to set up the project again.

Bryanna Harms and BeckyPigman

Sam Nichols: Danse Macabre Poem

Andrea, Andrew, Kayla, Laurel, Nik, Sam's Project

Andreya's Project

Alecia's Project
Danse Macabre- Danse Macabre translates to “Dance of Death.” Originally a poem this dance usually has an emperor, a king, a child, and a beautiful girl, all skeletal. The Dance is meant to remind us how fragile our lives truly are. The composer is Camille Saint-Saens.

Duffy’s Cut- Duffy’s Cut is mile 61 of the Pennsylvania Railroad. 57 men came to America from Ireland and began work for Phillip Duffy. Within six weeks of their arrival all were dead, either from cholera or violence. This piece, by Bob Phillips depicts the trip from Ireland, the railroad, the death of the Irishmen, and finally the questions that remain unanswered today.

The Moldau- The Moldau is a river in the Czech republic, that is also called the Vltava. Composer Bedrich Smetana takes us down the river and as we travel we will experience the following: two springs, the river, forest hunt, peasant wedding, moonlight nymphs, the rapids, the river at its widest point, Vysehrad, the ancient castle, and finally closing chords.

Alyson & April's Project

Bethany, Janelle, Leah, and Rachael's Project

watch our video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEOvbnSyaKE

Moldau Rap
The Moldau Riv-a
A.k.a. Vltav-a
Is the longest Riv-a
In the Czech Repubic-a
Verse 1:
Merging with the Elb-a
The Vltava has more wa-a
Running through Bohemia
And emptying in Elb-a
Verse 2:
It has lots of rapids
And hydropowered dams
In 2002, it went through the city
And killed people like a hydropowered ram.
Verse 3:
The Luznice and Sazava (EAST!)
The Berounka and Otava (WEST!)
Tributes to the Riv-a
Known as the Vltava
Verse 4:
Die Moldau
German for Vltava
Is written in the key
Of E min-a
In 1874, about 12 minutes long
Is Smetana’s famous tune
From an Italian folk song

Katie, Michaela, and Rebecca's Project

Daniel and Kim
Digital Score Animation

Our project was to make digital score animations of the original "Danse Macabre" and the original "The Moldau". To make this we used a free downloadable "MAM Player" (Music Animation Machine) that uses MIDI (a type of sound file) to create a score animation. (The MAM Player is available from http://www.musanim.com/player//.) In the animation, each color represents a different instrument, and as the pitch of an instrument gets higher, the colored bars for that instrument move higher on the screen. The length of each bar also corresponds to the length of note. In this way it represents the score of the piece, with each instrument notated separately.

Click to follow to video:
Danse Macabre
Die Moldau (was removed by YouTube due to length... sorry...)

screenshot of digital score animation

Aleasha, Amber, Maggie, and Ariel's Project.

we made a poster with pictures of the moldau river on it.
we didnt have a picture of the poster so we created a document page that looks some what similar to what our poster was.

Indigo's Project
Danse Macabre painting, step by step.

Nikki's Project

It's nothing special, it is a powerpoint on the paintings of the Moldau. It will be up as soon as i can get my flash drive...

Hannah's Project

I made a poster with info and pictures of Themes from the Moldau.
As soon as i get the poster i will post pictures and the info thet was on it.

Alex's, Jesse's and John's Project
O snap dog i did get it done

Ryan Fabbro's Project

Boy, time sure flys when you're writing music, huh?
This song was composed and performed by me, and was inspired
by The Legend of Duffy's Cut by Bob Phillips. It was seperated
into four different parts to tell the story, starting with The Journey
to a New Land, The Railroad Life, Disease and Dis Ease, and finally,
Hope for the Future. Enjoy... or at least pretend to enjoy.

Katie Mueller's Project w/Reanactment